Marketing Your Texas Ten Step Designation

Congratulations on your designation as a Texas Ten Step facility!

Now is a great time to promote your outstanding achievement and get the recognition that you deserve in your community. With thoughtful outreach and communications, you’ll reach prospective parents and influencers, likely growing your reputation and the number of patients you serve.

The Texas Ten Step Media Kit

The Texas Ten Step partner press kit will serve as a guide to help your health care facility generate local or state-wide media attention (e.g., interviews, broadcast segments, topic-related features, etc.) surrounding your Texas Ten Step designation or re-designation.

The materials included in the press kit can be used to help develop new or enhance current materials and messaging that aims to reach expectant mothers and families, potential community partners, and birthing facilities across the state.

Snapshot of the materials:

Please note: 

  • Use of the word certification should not be used interchangeably with the word designation. A certification process is defined by different standards and criteria than a designation, one example being a measure of compliance. TTS is a designation program only and does not have the capacity to ensure compliance using any method other than self-reporting of practices and review of current breastfeeding policies.
  • Ensure all references to the parent organization for TTS include the Texas Health and Human Services and Texas WIC program.

Other Ways to Promote Your Status

Consider the following ways to get the word out:

  • Include the Texas Ten Step art graphics on all your labor and delivery printed and electronic communications materials that are shared with patients and providers. It’s a special “seal of quality.” To start, add the badge to your website’s maternity care page.
  • Decorate your maternity care unit with words and photos that demonstrate the Ten Steps and how you consistently strive to improve patient care and good health.
  • Alert the media. Local outlets such as TV, radio stations and newspapers like to have feel-good feature stories on hand for slow news days. A press release, combined with a personal call from a facility media representative, could help your team make the news.
  • Use TTS marketing with staff presentations or training. Help staff to recognize the Texas Ten Step program by using the TTS PowerPoint template (coming soon). It will be a mark of professionalism for your program.
  • Share Texas Ten Step’s social media campaign or develop your own. Use channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to share photos of happy, healthy moms and newborns. Show off your designation as a badge of honor. 
  • Share Texas WIC’s Every Ounce Counts breastfeeding awareness campaign, available in English and Spanish, or develop your own.